European Accelerator Summit 2015 report by Segments Accelerator

The European Accelerator Summit took place in Lisbon during the intense week of ICT15.

ICT15 (Innovate, Connect, Transform), organised by the European Commission, is one of the biggest events in Europe on technology and innovation, with more than 5000 attendees from all different backgrounds (startups, research, politics, investment, universities).

Segments Accelerator hosts Lean Startup Circle in Vienna

Lean Startup Circle - by startups, for startups. 

-- WHO --
Startup Founders;
Learnstartup practitioners;
Leanstartup learners;
Product managers;

Facebook event members are eligible for a free invitation ticket.

-- WHAT --
Learn leanstartup techniques, canvases & tools;
Meet other startup founders & leanstartup practitioners;
Meet investors & mentors looking for leanstartups.