The Korean Institute for Research and Innovation meets Segments Accelerator and Partners in Vienna

Vienna/Seoul/Silicon Valley/Brussels - On October 19th the Segments Accelerator, represented by Kaloyan Ratchev and David Khassidov, had the pleasure to welcome guests and partners from the Korea Research and Innovation Centre (KIC-Europe and KIC-Silicon Valley) in order to exchange information and strengthen relationships and networks. The event was held at the Expat Center of the Vienna Business Agency.

The presentation marathon consisting of about 15 speeches within only four hours started with an initial presentation of the strategy and vision of the Segments Accelerator including an overview of the startup ecosystem and investment trends in Austria and the CEE. Of course the Vienna Business Agency had the chance to present their services for startups as well as the numerous advantages of the city as a startup hotspot and as a bridge between the CEE countries and the DACH region. The welcome packages which the VBA offers to international startups seem to be a very interesting and useful tool for foreign entrepreneurs.

The AWS also presented their portfolio of services and investments, which made Austria an even more interesting location for startups and innovative organisations. In that list of relevant austrian innovation supporter and investors our friends from Pioneers Ventures also had their part, presenting their investment focus and services as well as the growing international approach of their Vienna-founded Pioneers Festival. So if you are really interested in European/CEE startups, don’t miss the upcoming Pioneers of the Balkans event where Segments Accelerator is also going to take part.

After this first wave, the teams from Korea had their moment. Pablo Garrido from KIC-Europe had an impressive presentation of the strategy and ambitious goals of KIC, their government and their partner organisations. In order to provide a soft-landing for the korean startups in Europe, the KIC-Europe builds a strong network between european startup accelerators, innovation hubs, corporates, universities and governmental organisations. Additionally they cooperate on research projects, support technology transfer and organise matchmaking events for relevant stakeholders. KIC-Europe also has a sister-organisation in Silicon Valley which provides strategic support and relevant US contacts for international startups of any stage.

The Segments Accelerator is proud to be part of that inspiring network and will provide his resources, services and contacts to the new partners and their startups.

Last but not least a list of selected korean and austrian startups had the chance to pitch their products in front of the audience, which included next to Pioneers Ventures also investors from 3TS Capital and other relevant experts and innovation consultants.

The presenting startups were:

  • Frasen -  Personalized Sleep Care Service combines the latest in sleep science, internet of things (IoT), and software into a novel way to sleep deeper, wake up more refreshed, and maintain a full charge throughout the day.

  • MoreDream - Created World’s Fastest Arabic Typing System for Mobile phone.

  • Perseus - Visualization for Operational Intelligence.

  • Ripplebuds - invented the ultimate noise-blocking microphone, hidden inside the ear bud itself.

  • SchaffenGott - Created door edge protection system

  • RFID Now - Makes inventory taking faster and more accurate. It provides a new web based solution to SMEs for asset tracking.

  • sofasession - Has solved the the web latency problem. It provides HQ and fast audio transmission.

  • DEALSCREENING - Optimizes the deal screening process for investors. It saves time and money while increasing screening quality.

Segments Accelerator is looking forward to collaborate with the KIC, their partner organisations and to support their startups in Europe.

We are sure there is more to come. Stay tuned.

Company Facts:

KIC-Europe was established in November 2013 as the first Research & Innovation Centre in Brussels to develop an integrated cooperation to build a large network in research and innovation between Korea and the EU.

The Center has its main activities in setting up a Research and Innovation cooperation network by promotion of participation in multi-national collaborative research programs such as HORIZON 2020, through personnel and information exchanges, and by supporting technology transfer between the EU and Korea. As a part of these efforts, on the basis of joint partnership, KIC-Europe is conducting R&D-based projects for developing core & fusion technology, developing joint R&D programs between the EU and Korea, and providing technical/business consulting for Korean and European industries.

KIC Silicon Valley serves as a global center for innovation and collaboration. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, where creativity and open innovation are cherished, KIC Silicon Valley strives to perform as one-stop solution provider for globalization by providing customized strategic support for international Startups and SMEs in any stages of development (A to Z services). By establishing/maintaining strong networking channels both local and abroad, KIC Silicon Valley connects and bridges tech & entrepreneurial communities between Korea and US.


Pictures taken by KIC-Europe

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