European Accelerator Summit report by Segments Accelerator

Recently Ivo Radulovski, managing partner at trio-group attended the first Italian edition of the European Accelerator Summit, a conference where 32 among the main European accelerators (such as Beta-i, Tetuan Valley, StartupBootCamp and Wayra) and 12 special guests among partners, investment funds and professionals discussed the current status and future of acceleration through collaborative workshops and interactive talks.

The purpose of the EAS 16 was to identify the top trends and challenges facing the accelerator sector, as well as ideas and viable models to reinforce the future of acceleration.

“The European Accelerator Summit was an exceptional event – says Ivo Radulovski, Managing Partner at Trio Interactive and Segments Accelerator – and once again this summit helped us to understand this fast-changing sector and trace the guidelines for the future of acceleration”.

The Host - H-Farm

At arrival, we were impressed by the setup of H-Farm.

One of our main questions was naturally what makes startups move to a rural area away from large city infrastructures. We asked several startups onsite and got the following answer:

Very positive is the atmosphere and the ability to focus on work. You have everything you need in one place. The quiet and peaceful setting allows you to relax and to clear your mind and to concentrate on what is important.

Probably the biggest downside is that being a few hours away from Milano makes it hard to meet clients and potential partners.

Back to the summit. We were welcomed with coffee and got ready for the first session while networking with representants of some of the leading European accelerators.

We were very impressed by the open space socializing and dining hall.


After a short introduction by Timothy O’Connell, H-FARM Accelerator Director and Global Accelerator Network Board Member, we were ready to start with the first topic.


We explored the 4 trends now shaping this sector the most:

  • Pre-Acceleration & Co-Work Programs

  • Accelerator Specialization (Verticals & Corporates)

  • Global Expansion & Exchanges

  • New Business Models


Pre-Acceleration & Co-Work Programs

Nuno Machado Lopes (Beta-i) introduced the theme of the first workshop, which was designed to foster the discussion about the opportunities and advantages of pre-acceleration and co-work programs;

Accelerator Specialisation (Verticals & Corporates)

The second workshop, introduced by Andy Shannon (Startup Bootcamp) had the goal to analyse the vertical accelerator model, focused on specific industries;

Global Expansion & Exchanges

Aviva Markowicz (Numa) introduced the theme how to set up a global accelerator through networking and startup exchange programs; 

New Business Models

The fourth and last topic was set by Daniel Tomov (Eleven Accelerator) to discuss how to identify what features make an accelerator business model successful.

A tour through H-Farm



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